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Femeie, 33, Necasatorit a Oradea, Bihor Romania as vrea sa fiu aproape pe cat sufletul iti plange as vrea pe ale tale buze iubirea sa o pot atinge I am on here looking for a very serious relationship that will surely lead to marriage if only my partner Agrees. I am a fun loving person.

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I am a very caring and sensitive person, I am a level headed, down to earth person who is totally devoted to the one I love. Caut fete din Oradea tend to be shy at first, but I will open up quickly with the right person. I am confident, calm, and happy.

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An introvert by nature, I am quiet, structured, and organized. I love to be shown affection and don't have any problem whatsoever showing the right person lots of of it, i always say if its better to give than to receive.

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I think that i have a pretty "strange" sense of humor at times. I literally despise people who put on or lie about things and think they can get away with it where I'm concerned.

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I consider myself a sensitive, kind, and gentle person who enjoys being with people. I like going to the movies, listening to music, taking long walks on the beach.

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Favorite activities are going to the movies,taking walks the beach, being healthy. Most of all I love to be romantic for that exceptional someone.