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Vezi Programe de Licență în Securitate cibernetică în America Centrală și Caraibe 2021/2022

Contra: "Leg room" Pro: "efficient boarding ang pre- boarding" Contra: "these planes are not meant for people above cm. On transcontinental flights it is absolutely unacceptable" Pro: "I appreciated the big meal, dinner, about 2 hours into the flight. Nice to have real metal utensils, not plasticware, to eat with.

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The 'breakfast' for the overnight flight was more of a throwaway: muffin, granola bar, fresh fruit cup. Nice to get wine, or maybe beer? Seat 24D. There was only minimal foot space because of some type of metal box under seat 23D. When the seat in front of me was reclined, the screen was only a few inches from my dating on- line america centrală. There was a loud, obnoxious passenger next to me who almost got into a fistfight with another passenger until the stewardess came to calm him down.

Four out of the last five trips to Barcelona Swiss had a significant delay longer than the duration of the trip itself on at least one of the segments.

It's getting a bit hard to believe actually. We are being kept in the dark and not getting any help from Swiss Air. The result is a surge of people right when they announce boarding for that cabin. Excellent food. The punctuality. My problem is Kayak, who sold the tickets to us. When I checked in online I saw it for the first time that our tickets were Economy Light. I intend to dispute this case. They have been very profesional, beganing wih the boarding time untill the arrival in Frankfurt.

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The flight to Romania was a different story. They haven't been very professional at all. The flight had a delay and nobody said a word. It was just a clerck there who didn't tell to the Lufthansa passengers for a while anything about our delay. So, finally, he said after minutes that our fligt will be later, 20 minutes, than the scheduled time on our tickets. They seemed do not care too much about the Romanian passengers. Both luggages are missing. They managed a 15min boarding due to being well organized.

You pay an extravagant amount of money and get squished in there like sardines. The plane was old.

Programe de Licență în Securitate cibernetică în America Centrală și Caraibe /

No entertainment. For the money look elsewhere. Main issue was rude staff No concept of customer service. The boarding was early and efficient. Meals were decent and plentiful. Hot hand wipes were provided.

Vezi Programe de Licență în Securitate cibernetică în America Centrală și Caraibe 2021/2022

Hundreds of video entertainment options and fairly friendly English speaking flight attendants. I recommend paying the small upcharge to choose seats with extra legroom. They began boarding before the stated time" Pro: "La atención del personal y el sistema de entretenimiento. El avión es poco cómodo Airbus A, clase económica. No complaints whatsoever! I sat in empty sit with number 3 instead of 4 and he asked me to check my number on my boarding pass.

It is VERY important to be sited, although the seats are available you should be sited where your boarding pass directs you to be. One person is not a statistical point and accuse the whole Company.

But this was repeated on my second dating on- line america centrală from Munich to Athens. Then I said, this is not coincidence, it is a pattern that is repeated and not professional. Chose the first row in economy which had tons of legroom. Connected in Frankfurt, very easy connection.

The TV monitor was not as sensitive and would fall easily downwards sometimes. We truly appreciate their cooperation. So frustrating! When I called Lufthansa to see if I could get on an earlier flight, they could no longer help me because the new reservation was with United. I wish you would offer more protein and vegetable choices. Was 15 min late but didn't really mind it" Pro: "Everything was good. Flight on time. Boarding was quick. Food is so so bordering to poor. On the plus side the portion was small and is good when want to go on diet.

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We boarded the service bus to get there 20 minutes before departure time. But it took more than 20 minutes while mid way waiting for clearance to leave for the plane. The service bus did not turn on the AC while we waited even though we complained. We were suffocating. There was no entertainment on the plane. Delayed leaving but most of time made up.

Except for the seats. Dating on- line america centrală seats on the short haul flight felt more comfortable. Crew said there was sufficient space that the passenger in front did not have to put their seat in the upright position during meals. The food was more decent. Thank you. Very friendly and accommodating.

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She made my wife and feel vey comfortable. Very attentive. We also trust Lufthansa to be on top of things" Contra: "Sitting in a plane on a dating on- line america centrală flight but the staff made it easier and the entertainment options were very good.

Honestly have not been on a plane dating on- line america centrală with so few and limited options of TV series and movies. I was extremely surprised. I could have stayed more at home instead of the terminal. They have also changed the boarding gate. Flight arrives late so dinner would be appreciated" Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good.

Clear lines about baggage allowance. I had to prolong my trip by 4 hours, untill I found another connection. I know this was not a klm issue, but rather airport related, but the inconvenience was still. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade" Pro: "The staff was super nice, the services good. Thus, my lower satisfaction grade" Contra: "Too hot dating on- line america centrală the aircraft" Pro: "The friendliness of the crew" Pro: "Friendly crew" Contra: "KLM lost one piece of my luggage" Pro: "Crew was friendly" Contra: "Passenger who needed wheelchair assistance it took KLM 50 minutes to get him off plane which delayed our boarding.

KLM not prepared to handle passengers with needs" Contra: "Delays, took my luanda angola dating luggage into the hold," Pro: "Overall Dating on- line america centrală experience is good" Contra: "Food quality was mediocre for a business class flight.

We spent twice as much time waiting than flying. But needs upgrading air crafts. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me dating on- line america centrală whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it.

Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink.

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When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else.

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This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced. Attended to needs immediately. Took a lot of time with each person when someone had something to say. Much smaller than the other economy seats because the tray table and video screen were in the armrests. Paid extra for the legroom by ended up losing it side to side.

Really had to squeeze into the seat. The gentleman next to me spread his arms out a bit as he typed on his computer the entire way.

So I did not north yorkshire speed​​ dating Dating on- line america centrală sleep. Plus he got up at least four times. I know that I will always be eating well with KLM. The staff is always so nice, professional and cordial I always know I'll be in good hands with the flight. Thanks" Contra: "No such things" Pro: "Seats were very comfortable, food was excellent, the staff was very nice, cabin was quite and roomy.

I was able to sleep most of the 11 hour flight so I did not take advantage of the entertainment. Coming from my connecting flight from Barcelona, I could clearly tell the different in the quality and cleanliness of the aircrafts. She told me to move back from an empty seat just because she wanted one of the guys from her country to set on it!

Very rude and racist. Good prices.

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I could not store my belongings near me. No power outlet to charge my devices for my own entertainment on a 7 hour flight.

Dealing with constant traffic for the bathroom. I sat in the middle seat between two hours other men. It was a constant struggle arm space. After 7hours in the air I could not wait to get off the plane.