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Nu este disponibil în limba română Diversity and inclusion At the ECB, we believe diversity creates excellence — more diverse teams mean a wider range of opinions, leading to better and more robust results. It is essential that we connect with the best talent so that we can take the best possible decisions for the good of all citizens of the euro area, and our diversity is central to this.

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We aspire to be an organisation in which diversity is welcomed and appreciated in all its facets for the richness that it offers. Enabling diversity is vital to our institution in order to deliver the best possible outcome for our staff and for Europe.

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The facets of diversity include — but are not limited to — age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation and other characteristics.

We need to nurture mutual understanding, invest in making dating studiu race a success and dismantle the harmful notion of racial superiority.

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We each have a responsibility to FightRacism and stand up against intolerant attitudes. Dating studiu race keep tackling racism in all its forms.

Fighting racism is a journey and we continue to strive throughout our institution to ensure that our employees work in an inclusive and diverse environment.

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EDGE certification is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality.

Having independently assessed our efforts to foster gender equality and benchmarked us against both global standards and our peers, EDGE has recognised our progress in fostering gender equality in the workplace.

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We remain committed to being a gender-diverse and inclusive organisation. This commitment includes regularly conducting gender pay gap analyses to ensure that our remuneration system offers equal pay for equivalent work regardless of gender.

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