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We perform high-performance liquid chromatography on AGN extract to show it contains 7.

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Hairs in mouse dorsal skin are shaved distilled in water, 0. Hematoxylin and eosin staining are done to examine the morphological changes in the hair follicles. To compare the effects of decursin and AGN extract on inflammatory cytokines in the dorsal skin, Western blot analysis and immunohistochemistry for tumor necrosis factor α TNF-α and interleukin IL -1β as pro-inflammatory cytokines, and IL-4 and IL as anti-inflammatory cytokines are conducted.

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The results show that the application of decursin and AGN extract confer effects on hair growth. Hair growth is significantly facilitated from seven days after the treatments compared to that in the control group, and completely grown hair was found 17 days after the treatments.

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The protein levels and immunoreactivity of TNF-α and IL-1β in this case are enterprise al dating decreased, whereas the IL-4 and IL levels and immunoreactivity are significantly increased compared to those in the control group. Additionally, high-mobility group box 1, an inflammatory mediator, is elevated by the topical application of decursin and AGN lee joon și bora dating.

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We, therefore, suggest that AGN root extract as well as decursin can be utilized as materials for developing hair growth-facilitating treatments. Keywords: Angelica gigas Nakai; decursin; hair growth facilitator; hair loss; inflammation.

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