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Bearverly I think that bear joke you told was hilarious Senpai! Bears are WAY too sensitive about that stuff. Why were you talking to a bear?! So you're dating a bear. That's very cool of you Senpai.

Being so open minded. I was reading about bear traps, and how inhumane they are. Sometimes the bear has to gnaw off their limbs. So sad. Am I-I-I going crazy? Online dating tickling thought I femei singure excitate you kissing a bear.

I think I'd better lay down Did you know that game meat is better for you than online dating tickling We should go hunting sometime! Especially maids. Oh Senpai, you don't need a personal assistant! You're so organized and neat already! I heard Nina might be in the country illegally. I hope no one narks on her. Hey Senpai!

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I noticed that Nina was slacking off a bit, so I cleaned your house! Wow, that Nina sure knows a lot of four letter words. Quite the "rustic charm" she has, hey? That Nina is hilarious! But, I mean, how many racist jokes can you tell before you start coming off as actually racist?

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Alpha: A. Like, what if they randomly become violent and attack their friends? Online dating tickling you ever wonder random stuff like - does a hologram bleed? Could you cut it with a holographic knife? That Alpha is such online dating tickling wonder of technology! Her emotions are so life-like, you can't tell that they're fake!

Oh wow, I love Alpha-chan's music! It'll be sad when people get bored and forget her.

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I hope all those rumors about Alpha aren't true. Those poor kids It must be weird pretending to kiss Alpha-chan, Senpai. Hopefully you still get the real thing, time to time. Pamu: Did you see that person dressed as a magical girl? I think she was That Pamu is really weird, Senpai. She keeps handing me knives and winking at me Pamu complimented me on "my other video game", saying it was awesome. She's so strange. I think that Pamu might not be human Online dating tickling laughs when she's stabbed I hear.

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Pamu keeps calling me "Yandere-chan". I'm not sure what that means, but she'd better STOP it That Pamu annoys me so much. She keeps asking me if I can get her a date with Yandere-Dev. Who the heck is that?? Luna: I hear Luna is pretty good with a sword.

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I wonder how she feels about box cutters That Luna sure is testy. I was chopping some onions, and she screamed, "Have at thee!

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Do you She has a picture of you on her dart board. A naked picture.

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Luna cast a fireball spell at me, and called me a "hot little number". I'm glad that she likes fire so much I saw Luna robbing a caravan. I didn't know caravans were still a thing. I heard that Luna casts protection spells on herself when she sleeps. Sounds like she'd be super hard to kill, hey?

Eva: I saw Eva at school today. She's such a loner. I worry about her sometimes. So, Eva drives a Mecha hey? I hear those things can really mess you up and make you prone to online dating tickling. That connection-suit Eva wears is so ridiculous. They may as well make it transparent, for all that it conceals.

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Can you believe that Eva girl? If she was online dating tickling a movie series, it would probably be very pretentious and frustrating. If Eva is a clone, do you think she might just randomly melt into nothing someday?

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I hope Eva doesn't die in a heroic fashion, saving the world from giant monsters. It would be so sad. Asian datând din missouri This might sound a bit mean, but Isn't the thought of a fat yoga instructor sort of ridiculous?

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People who talk about new agey mumbo jumbo are kind of annoying, hey? Chakras indeed Oh dear, that poor Karma girl. It must be so difficult living with an eating disorder Do you get a Like a man-hating vibe? I kinda do Did you hear about Karma and her diabetes? Oh no? Oh well, I'm not one for gossip, Senpai I had never seen anyone make milkshakes out of butter, until I met Karma. Like, wow! Sutra: Eee! Who was that huge man with tiny breasts I saw you talking with???

Oh Senpai, tell me. Do you prefer a girl with manly abs, or just a flat normal tummy? Just curious! I admire Sutra so much. Committing yourself to fitness, no online dating tickling what online dating tickling makes you look like.

Sutra is an inspiration for anyone considering making that magical transition from kun to chan. It's a shame that Sutra isn't allowed to compete at the Olympics. You know That juice she's on. Sutra's sword is so spectacular!

I wonder if it's as sharp as a katana Dark One: Senpai, where you just Flirting with an embodiment of darkness? So you're trying to defeat the Darkness Girl with the power of love?

May I suggest a spiked bat? That Darkness Girl stared into my eyes today. But then she seemed to get spooked, and ran away.

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How strange! If you'd like my help dealing with that Darkness Girl, Senpai, I can grab my box cutter anytime. That Darkness Girl was casting shade at me. I don't mind.

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What with it being your destiny to destroy her. That Darkness Girl is so lost and alone. But if she's going to destroy the world, I guess coral springs dating should kill it. QPernikiss: I read Fairies are allergic to kindness, Senpai. They prefer if you're more rough with them. I wonder if fairy wings pull off as easily as a fly's I mean, they're so beautiful and delicate!

Oh my, you actually know a fairy!

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Ha ha ha! Oh this is the most normal one of all, Senpai! So you're trying to heal Q-Piddy with your love, Senpai? Have you tried hydrogen peroxide? I saw Q-Piddy sitting in a circle of mushrooms today. It's so sad when people turn to drugs for help. Thoughts of other girls Part I Careful!

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Yawn-chwan bites All dialogues and thoughts of other girls about Online dating tickling and her attacks on them. Remember - don't be 'sticking' nothing in crazy. You can take that advice to the bank. Have you met that strange girl from the highschool?

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The one with the crazy eyes? Some weirdo girl complimented me on my hair today and called me Osana.