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Dati ko pa siya crush siguro 2 years na pero iniignoreko na lang yun pero bumabalik pa rin. Pilit kong dinedeny kahit alam ko sa loob ko na wala ng dating pagtindin ko siya.

Ngayon akala ko hindi na ulit kasi matagal rin hindi nagkita dahil sa lockdown but after meeting again recently, ayun alam ko sa loob ko na naandon pa rin. Gusto ko umamin para makawala na ako siguro at malimutan na talaga yung feelings pero masyado akong naduduwag dahil alam ko naman ang result.

Mahirap din kasi kung magbago ang pakikitungo niyo sa isat isa, unti-unti yan matatapos hanggang sa hindi na kayo maging tulad ng dati. Haha, ang drama jk. Wala gusto ko lang ishare baka mabasa niya ito lol wag naman sana. Acum 12 Zile naalala ko yung kaibigan ko na umamin sa 'kin, ayon parang di na kami magkakilala at parang di na kame naging parte ng buhay ng isa't isa.

Mark Lee Wifeu Acum 12 Zile while i was writing my comment, medyo nacringe ako hahaha i probably should stop thinking abt him Mark Lee Wifeu Acum 12 Zile u know what i liked about him? Tristan Eustaquio Acum 14 Zile May 30 nag ask akong manligaw sa wala ng dating pagtindin ko sa isang cafe, kasama ko dito yung bestfriend ko pero nag act siya as stranger samin, he took photos and videos of us while bonding with each other.

Side conversations lasted for one filul bling dating bago ko natanong yung gusto kong sabihin sa kanya, then right after my speech to my crush I asked her permission if she wants me to court her.

After 1 year of making sure my feelings to her, my hopes are now dying. She is so beautiful inside and out that's the thing made me fell in love to her. After that I realized that if you love the person doesn't mean they will choose you. Three years ago, he requested me to wala ng dating pagtindin his roommate because he wants to be close to me and to get to know me. I was surprised back then because I also felt the same way, I was just shy enough to start a conversation.

While we were roommates we started talking to each other, we spent sleepless nights wala ng dating pagtindin about our lives it was fun but I didn't feel anything more than that. A semester passed and he needs to move into his new dorm because he was already a junior. It was no big deal to me since we were just friends and we hang out oftentimes. He invited me to attend this concert and for the full duration of the concert, he was just looking at me smiling as if I have something on my face.

I was so clueless at that time. And life continued as if there is nothing between the two of us.

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The pandemic came and our lives were changed upside down. I never had any contact with him during that lockdown not until the online class started. We suddenly stopped talking and it was no big deal at that time because there was nothing between us, totally nothing. One day I was wondering, it has been years since the last time that I was in love, I asked the Lord to at least give me someone whom I will make an inspiration to live.

Lo and behold, he texted me.


I was surprised because I haven't talked to him for months and it feels so weird. It was just a simple conversation catching up with each other and telling me to enjoy the overnight that I was supposed to be at that moment but I was not in the mood to join them. When I told him that I was not in there, he just told me to I should go to their hang-out place wala ng dating pagtindin join them.

It was nothing at that moment. Now in the yearwe had the big opportunity to go back to school and finish the last two months of school. I was excited to go back because we are going to stay in the dorms wala ng dating pagtindin the juniors and seniors live. But unfortunately, we were told to stay at the other dorm and let the seniors stay at that dorm.

I was sad because I am not gonna be able to experience life there with them and there were about to graduate. One night he came to me and we talked, he came to my room asking for my roommate to leave because he wants a private talk with me.

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At that moment I knew there was something, Wala ng dating pagtindin don't know what but there was something. Days have passed and I started falling for him, I always think of him and look for him wherever I go.

wala ng dating pagtindin karmin se întâlnesc

I never felt this feeling for years and I think the Lord has answered my prayer. I was praying for him for his college admissions and for his good academics to be able to be accepted in his dream wala ng dating pagtindin. I thought that he was going to remove it afterward but no, it stayed in his hands.

I was already ready to confess because I don't like feeling denying my feelings for someone and it was already obvious in the whole school that I sho maki dating him, almost everyone knows.

Every time when I ask for a sign, it happens there was something in those signs that made me feel that something was between us, and I always hoped that there was really something. Here comes the last night of our stay, my best friend told me that he was calling me into his room to talk, I was excited and I planned that I was going to confess my feelings for him there since he's going to graduate the following day.

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I prepared but I felt so tired, I tried to sleep just to get rid of my tiredness and guess what, I slept all night long without going to him. I felt so dumb that night and I just wanted to cry. He was not talking to me the following morning, but I noticed that during the graduation rites, he was holding and looking at the string I gave him. And it ended there, he left, I stayed, I felt so guilty not admitting my feelings for him.

Days after their graduation we see each other again for the graduation party of my best friend. The moment he saw me, he was so enthusiastic greeting me and waving at me.

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I felt so good that time, I wish that night never ended. Two days later, I decided I was going to confess to him, I was ready no matter what the result may be. But there was something that is stopping me from doing it, he is in a relationship.

But there was this feeling of me pushing me to confess. And guess what, I did, I confessed and the outcome was something I didn't expect. I was actually expecting rejection or acceptance but I received a Thank You instead. I didn't know what was that for and up until now I am still wandering. But I see him with his girlfriend all-around social media and it hurts wala ng dating pagtindin much, I know I am not supposed to feel this way but it is really draining inside.

I cry every night because akala ko talaga meron eh. There were motives and signs but where are they now? I thought there was really something between us but I will not stop from loving him all the way until I can. I actually realized everything after that, all the things he was doing for me years back, all the stories all the memories, and it felt like he was already giving me all the signs before, it was just me who was dumb enough to see those signs.

And I felt so sorry for myself and I was so guilty. I learned that in this experience of mine that I was too late to realize everything. Maybe he liked me before but I never realized it. Inaasahan daw niya kasi akong pumunta peri di ako tumuloy.

Nanghihinayang tuloy ako. Bawi nalang cguro ako next time, inivite ko nalang cguro sya for coffee or road trip if possible. If may pag asa pa talaga, destiny will bring us back together naman eh.

Ipagdadasal ko nalang. But as of now, I am really not okay with what happened both with my family and me not being able to attend the party. Kaso wala akong pag aaminan. Abigail Companiados Acum 3 Zile : anonymous rock Acum 11 Zile i love her so much but she's already happy with someone else.

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Guillermo Salvador Acum 16 Zile Sino po ba yung leading lady sa video? Guillermo Salvador Acum 16 Zile Googling her now! Salamat po. Meron din kaming ibang guy friends and alam ko sa sarili ko na iba yung tingin ko sa kaniya kesa sa iba. Hindi ko alam kung gusto ko ba sya or what or sadyang dinideny ko lang talaga sa sarili ko kasi nakatatak na sa utak wala ng dating pagtindin na bawal muna ako magboyfriend. Wala akong balak umamin pero may part sa akin na gusto kong malaman if he feels the same.